Every Tuesday Corporate Prayer 7 PM

We are a Christian community dedicated to continually GROWING in devotion

to Jesus and one another; to the TEACHING of the Word of God,


JOIN US as we endeavour to EQUIP, ACTIVATE and SEND people out

to REACH and GATHER the lost locally and globally.

Religious Exemption Letter Request

We have an online resource for requesting Religious Exemption letters to support our local and online members facing vaccine mandates.

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Sundays at 10am (CST) GMT-6

Sunday 9:15 AM

Pre-service Prayer

(In Person)

Tuesday 7 PM


Corporate Prayer

Sunday 10 AM

Family Worship Services

(In Person and Live Stream)

Wednesday 10 AM

Starting October 5

Who is Father God to you? 

Bible Study

Sunday 11 AM

Children's Ministry

(Following Worship)

 Ages 6-12 (Upstairs)

Friday 7PM

Bus Ministry

(Alternating Weeks)

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