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House of Refuge Street Ministries

Steven & Karla Stoffelsen are the founders of House of Refuge Street Ministries in Chiquimulilla, Guatemala. Steven gave up his life in Canada to respond to the call of God in 2002. Now he and his wife live in Guatemala full time. They also preach the Gospel throughout Guatemala, El Salvador, Canada and the USA.

This ministry works to show society's most rejected men and women that Jesus loves them unconditionally. Their mission statement is: "Loving the Unloved, Reaching the Unreached". House of Refuge Street Ministries works to bring hope and restoration to the hopeless people who have lost their families and loved ones due to drug and alcohol addiction with the goal to bring families back together and to prepare men & women to be useful to society by providing skills and trades, and train them up to reach out to others who live as they did, and to send them out into all the world in the 5-fold-ministry.

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