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Purity Ministry in Japan

Rae-Anna Hedlin is part of Life Outreach Church and now lives in Osaka, Japan. She, along with her mission OnFire Japan, are leading a Purity Ministry. They believe that God is bringing a purity movement to Japan.

Vision Statement:

For purity restoration in Japan - for the breaking of yokes of sin and bondage, for healing and restoration of the areas destroyed by sexual sin, and for those freed to know Jesus as the one who has broken those chains, who has set them free, and who loves them.

"Japan is a bit of an enigma in the area of missions - there has been a huge impact of Christianity on Japan (over 150 years of Protestant missions), yet there is a small number of believers (~1% of 127 million). We believe that God is going to turn that around. We believe that Japan has a gift that has yet to come forth to bless the nations.
We believe that a whole revolution of holiness and purity coming to Japan. Japan needs people who have been set free to come and help bring a whole movement of freedom in that area.The more darkness there is, the more the light shines - the more people will see how glorious and good pure sexuality is, at the right place and right time, according to God's plan, and not according to man's ideas." - Jef Linscott, OnFire Japan

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